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Brainworx Of A Poet: UkuQonda KweNgqondo YeMbongi

by NoMyayii

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    releases May 16, 2024

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Parah' (Intronus)
Le Intliziyo YeYam
Give Me Love (Bonus Track)


Revive the essence of Kultural Meditation.

Often, meditation is rigidly tamed and forced at being a mediator of situations that, as just itself, independently, kan never do anything about, especially that it is misperceived to be a mystik magician that must make things disappear. Indeed, meditation is mostly or only visited when it must deal with konsequences or results that overwhelm. This brings about rashness and rushes the desired effekt, meant to initiate a turning point to one's life, instead of it koming towards, it goes, further away, betraying the value of kurrency of what meditation is kapable of scientifying as an instrument of way of life.

Kultural Meditation as we term it, is not a wished for, floating piece of a thing, somewhere there in the perception of kognition up for grabs. Meditation is a tool that kan only be a possibility when it has been built, making it a device that is a byprodukt of komposing the best outkome of a properly aktive body, in the adequacy of the assembly that kreates the living multi-ORGANised entity kalled the body. Therefore it is klearly konklusive that meditation begins in the biologikal physiologikal essence of being. It takes the brain, thyroid, kidneys, adrenals, nerves, neurons, a bodily position and so forth, for meditation to be a possibility of funktionality or exercise. Meditation leans on blood, that brings up nutrition, the glukose that brings the presence of fueling elektricity from the offering of kidneys and adrenals.

The dopamine and oxytocin (to name a few), that will aid as a power button for meditation to initiate, is made in the gut or abdominal region, the reason why meditation requires breathing. Nutrition brought by means of air is effektively easy and kapable to self-assimilate into the empowered and powered region, that is the brain and the related organ cells karrying the data that is being looked at or intended to be operated on.

Meaning if your gut is impakted, kolon and nerves are inflamed, this fuel required to re-alise and ignite meditation is not being pumped in for the process to launch. The word launch reveals that meditation is an aktive telekinetik use of the whole body, neurologikal network and or senses. An aktive telekinesis, where one travels with or through molecular vibrance to detekt, observe and skreen data stored within the cells that make up the entirety of what is perceived the body, self, arkhetype, kognition, psykhologikal frame, mentality etc. So if the Vagas nerve is inflamed, the jugular vein is inflamed, the liver is overburdened, the thyroid is not receiving klear signals from the organs, it definitely bekomes a kounter akt of effekt against the desired result searched for, explored, implored or interrogated through use of meditation or by means of engaging meditatively.

Telekinesis requires klear pathways for a klear circulation, for this induced vibrance to even tune the kind of frequency that will initiate your brain network to shoot or pertibate ASTRO-Projektion. ASTRO-Projektion, as we term it, is "string held" traveling of the bodily expansion and extension brought about by the iniatiated wave/frequency enlarged unlimitation of bodily reach and way of life, that physiology kannot attain due to body frame-strukture and limitation of pace of stretching skin and bone.

Meditation as we now define it, is a konsistent konstant aktivity of staying in touch with the make up of the body and all that which is born by its presence from biology - elektroniks - magnetiks to the entire dynamiks of environmental aktivities virtual or of natural first hand. To be in sight of the dynamiks of inner body kommanding the aktivities of konnektion with that is, is Meditation. The use of the body to overstand, the kind of impakt brought about by that which manages to get through the Aura, or ElektroMagnetikField, is Meditation.

It is therefore, to be re-alised that as uNoMyayii, we have birthed the term KULTURAL MEDITATION, bekause, meditation firstly, will be promoted by way of living/kulture in a setting, how people in the setting eat, does the food klog the body and robs it of klear circulation? do they suffer from symptoms such as hormonal prostate impotence and menstruation? Are the dynamiks of living promote free body Movement? what kind of sound notes living in the phonology of Dialekt? Does the nature of interaktion with fellow nature promote yielding, of results that kaptivate life and civilises it further? Are the multi-daily aktivities sharpening the brain for the virtual mind and feeling to result as a building supportive member, for the ongoing that greatens the next possibility that will immortalise the lifespan, whether physiologikally or energetikally or in essence of data that kan be molded into a new bodily frame? All this is kultural vortex which will determine if meditation is possibly effektive or even a possible device to reach for and use in the first place.

Importantly, it is key to re-alise that meditation is not an instrument of peace but kan bring peace (i.e kapacitation), to the living for living to prosper as ongoing advancing entity/ally. For example, for one to think they will use meditation to attain kalmness in dealing with the nightmare that is kommunikating a suppressed traumatik experience, that has even gone kompletely forgotten is traumatizing more, it teaches one to be timid and to stay blank. And that is an opposite of the implied outkome of meditation. (Meditation awakens, reveals, Initiates, revives, heals, meditation redeems, salvates, energises, it generates regeneration.)

Instead, meditation kan be used to send the body in vibrance to attack the experience by in'navigating or through ASTRO-Projektion with a komplete formed intent of remaking the experience under the cirkumstances of having ability to face it. If this experience has got to do with an abusive father or mother or any other being that has kome to abuse, one may vibrantly go into the cell holding the memory and relive the moment of traumatising experience, now not as that tiny child who wished that something kould kome and deal with this abusive being, but relive it as a kapable being with something to say back as a means of defense to shield off the harshness that now lingers as trauma or a being kapable of physikality that kan bodily defend the physikal beating.

Doing this, is rekonstrukting memory into what one wishes the DNA to hold, this is dealing with it in a manner that eradikates the problem. So yes, Kultural Meditation as birthed by uNoMyayii, is not just a tool to be kaptured at a perception of an ambience to be blindly komfort and numb what is unpleasant but a praktikal tool that serves at one's kommand and how they guide it to yield the projekted harvest, taken on by ASTRO-Projektion.

The rhythm in these poetik songs is to assist one to energise and set a meditative spiral that geometrikally, takes the listener into a state of openness, pathways akcessed freely, to perpetuate motion that is instrumentally decisive, devicively to bring the happening to a wellness state or to beginnings of regeneration. As you kan hear, it is all in the spirit of naturality enthusiasis, the klapping, the drumming, the chirping, the throat singing, the Rhythmik Aktualised Poetry as NoMyayii terms what is perceived RAP.

These are our upbringings, the cirkles around fire on a rainy day, with Gogos and Mkhulus or Elder Siblings narrating stories that equip the young to get to know better, their hosting geography and the dynamiks in it. This, is a stem that trains the young to be transparent as a means of being exposed to konnektion and being able to kommunikate things that hinder the going of life or transverse the jewels they kan kontribute to life.

We are grateful we have benefited from this, we are grateful to be able to translate it into an imprint that somebody kan pick tangibly. We are honoured that we are a vortex yielding in willingness by means of freewill, to take on this path and aid to another fellow being (whichever lane of kolour spektrum they are known to be identified as).

Make Life Wonderful Again. More Life and Prosperity in Love and Virtue.



releases May 16, 2024

A NoMyayii Produktion


all rights reserved



NoMyayii Durban, South Africa

Breathe, bring up some moisture and water your cellular, dehydration will breattle your Soul. We love musik for keeping you moving, your flexibility is no tool to bargain with, that kard you keep to your chest always, you know. NoMyayii musik is life live in living, a Soundful Soulful branch of this sakred Tree of Livity. MULTI-KREATIONAL ... more

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